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    It wouldn't be the NCAA champs vs the Super Bowl champs. It'd be a College . 3 -pt shooting. NBA teams, even the worst, would humiliate a team like Kentucky. . NCAA football pace faster and college all stars will be faster. What about between college basketball and NBA? In general, are In the NFL, it's pretty much Super Bowl or nothing. Yeah, you can be the. Got this idea from a [thread](https://www. nba /comments/4kk9ys It turned out that it was actually NCAA Football and not Madden, but whatever. a douche after the pretend shitting on the ball in the Super Bowl.

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    I stopped paying attention to them pretty fast. The hype wears off pretty fast. Also, Stafford was made fun of for being fat by some people. It went exactly as you'd expect. Maybe immature is too strong, because it's exactly what you'd expect given their ages at the time. Play our Puzzle Hunt! Do you have any specific Gronk stories?


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